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SPRI Review 2005: Publications by Institute Staff

Publications by Institute Staff

Sunrise over Dallmann Bay, Antarctic Peninsula
Image as described adjacent


  • Habeck, J.O., 2005. What it Means to be a Herdsman: the Practice and Image of Reindeer Husbandry among the Komi of Northern Russia. Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia, v. 5, Münster: Lit Verlag, 296 pp.
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  • Vitebsky, P., 2005. Reindeer People: living with animals and spirits in Siberia. Boston: Houghton Mifflin and London: HarperCollins, 464 pp.

Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Arnold, N., 2005. Investigating the sensitivity of glacier mass balance/elevation profiles to changing meteorological conditions: model experiments for Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Valais, Switzerland. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, v. 37, p. 139-145.
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  • p. 219-230.
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  • Lewis-Jones, H., 2005. Nelson and the bear: the making of an Arctic myth. Polar Record, v. 41, p. 335-353.
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  • Vitebsky, P., 2005. A winter hunt. Natural History, v. 114, p. 30-35.
  • Wilson, E., 2005. Gender and nationalism in Nunavut's Territorial 'House': a case study of the gender parity debate. Arctic Anthropology, v. 42, p. 82-94.

Chapters in Books and Other Contributions

  • Bravo, M.T., 2005. Reinventing Natural History, Invited contribution to forum discussion of H. Raffles, In Amazonia (Princeton U.P., 2002): with Doreen Massey, Michael Taussig, and Candace Slater. Antipode, v. 37, p. 369-373.
  • Stammler, F., 2005. Tradition als Entwicklungskonzeption für die indigenen Völker im Norden Russlands. In Bauer, S. Donecker, S. Ehrenfried, A. and Hirnsperger, M., (Eds.), Bruchlinien im Eis: Ethnologie des zirkumpolaren Nordens. Münster and Vienna: Lit , p. 184-207
  • Stammler, F., 2005. The obshchina movement in Yamal: defending territories to build identities? In Kasten, E., (Ed.), Rebuilding identities: pathways to reform in Postsoviet Siberia. Siberian Studies, v. 3, p. 109-134.
  • Vallikivi, L. and Runnel, P., 2005. Editorial: culture and environments. Pro Ethnologia, Publications of the Estonian National Museum, v. 18, p. 5-9.
  • Vitebsky, P. and Klein, R., 2005. Histories from the North: environments, movements, narratives. The European Science Foundation's BOREAS initiative. Northern Notes: The Newsletter of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association, Summer 2005, p. 3-5.
  • Wilson, E., 2005. Local and global concepts of nature in local environmental consciousness, Sakhalin Island, the Russian Far East. In Rosenholm, A. and Autio-Sarasmo, S., (Eds), Understanding Russian nature: representations, values and concepts. Helsinki: Aleksanteri Papers 4, p. 253-276.

Student Doctoral and Masters Theses

  • Eliassen, B.-M., M.Phil. 2005. The role of the Siida in contemporary Saami reindeer husbandry in Norway.
  • Evans, P., M.Phil. 2005. Relocation and resistance: culture and politics of the Inuit of Hebron and Nutak, Labrador, 1959 to the present.
  • Irlbacher Fox, S., Ph.D. 2005. Indigenous self-government negotiations in the Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada: time, reality, and social suffering.
  • Metz, J., M.Phil. 2005. Marine geophysical investigations of the Polar North Atlantic margins: sea-floor scouring at the mouth of Hudson Strait by deep-keeled icebergs.
  • Nergard, J.-E., M.Phil. 2005. The two faces of Laestadianism: understanding religeous conversion from Saami pre-Christian religion into Laestadianism
  • Wrigglesworth-Blanchard, E., M.Phil. 2005. Sea ice variability and atmospheric forcing in the North Atlantic.