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SPRI Review 2005: Current Research Grants

Current Research Grants

Institute staff hold competitively-won grants of about £2 million, £1.2 million of which is from the UK Research Councils.

Grants from UK Research Councils

Marine geological processes and sediments beneath floating ice shelves in Greenland and Antarctica: investigations using the Autosub AUV

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Grant NER/T/S/2000/00986.
£ 369,062 (2001-2007).

Glacial-interglacial changes in the lost drainage basin of the West Antarctic

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, GrantNER/G/S/2002/00192.
£ 84,932 (2004-2007).

Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling - Earth Observation Centres of Excellence Initiative

Source: Natural Environment Research Council
£ 213,850 (2000-2005).

Slope stability on Europe's passive continental margins.

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Ocean Margins Link Programme, Grant NER/T/S/2003/00318
£ 121,322 (2004-2007).

Grants from Other Sources

Spaceborne measurements of Arctic glaciers and implications for sea level.

Source: European Union, Framework 5, Grant EVK2-2002-00152
£ 113,171 (2002-2005).

Environmental change in the Barents Region

Source: European Union, Framework 5, Grant EVK2-2002-00169
£140,797 (2002-2006)

Interferometric evaluation of glacier rheology and change

Source: European Union, Framework 6, Grant SST3-CT-2003-502845
£95,634 (2004-2007)

BOREAS - Histories from the North: environments, movements, narratives

Source: European Science Foundation
£10,488 (2004-2005)

Sediment transfer from the Antarctic continent to deep ocean: a shelf-slope-basin system investigated using the ISIS Remotely Operated Vehicle.

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Grant NE/C506372/1
£ 143,632 (2004-2007).

Validation and provision of Cryosat measurements of fluctuations in the Earth's land and marine ice fluxes

Source: Natural Environment Research Council
£371,003 (2004-2009)

Trans-sectoral partnerships, sustainability research and the oil and gas industry in Russia

Source: Economic and Social Research Council, Grant RES-451-26-0166
£14,916 (2004-2006)

The First Nations, Inuit, Inupiat and Kalaallit Artefact Collection from Canada, Alaska and Greenland: enhancing documentation and access

Source: Arts and Humanities Research Council
£30,000 (2005-2006)

The Herbert Ponting Archive of Antarctic Photographic Negatives

Source: Heritage Lottery Fund £533,000 (2004-2006)

Swedish Polar Social Science Research

Source: Swedish Academy £14,345 (2005-2006)

Polar Field Stations and IPY

Source: Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Fund £14,173 (2005-2007)

Continuity of scholarly advice and access to the internationally significant archival collections of the Scott Polar Research Institute

Source: Isaac Newton Trust £20,000 (2004-2006)