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SPRI Review 2004: World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

The World Data Centre for Glaciology continues to play an important role within the Institute's Library and Information Service with Rick Frolich as manager. The post of website manager, held by Oliver Merrington, was discontinued in March. We thank Oliver for his service over many years. Website responsibilities are now shared between SPRI webmaster Martin Lucas-Smith and Rick Frolich. The WDCGC website received hits from over 100 countries in 2004. The Directory of European Glaciology has also been maintained, receiving many thousands of hits from over 60 countries in the past year.

Software upgrades have allowed more sophisticated use of the vast amount of information contained in the SPRI database, enhanced the quality control on disseminated products, supported a stock check of the Library's valuable glaciological collection and simplified many recurrent tasks.

Acquisition and cataloguing continued during 2004. Fully abstracted and indexed records for 70 monographs and 500 articles acquired were added to the in-house database, SPRILIB. Records were contributed to Polar and Glaciological Abstracts and to two updates of the CD-ROM Arctic and Antarctic Regions (published by National Information Services Corporation). A 50-page bibliography with explanatory text was provided and the SPRI Library/WDCGC facilities made available to all attending the meeting 'Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: History, Causes and Impacts', held at the Scott Polar Research Institute in September 2004.

Relevant SPRILIB records continue to be made available freely via the online database ICE AND SNOW ( New material and a reassessment of selection criteria have allowed expansion to over 48,000 entries. SPRILIB ICE AND SNOW receives around 18,000 requests annually. Requests from the wider public have covered such subjects as the world's oldest ice, the history of glaciology and presenting glaciology to children.

Rick Frolich