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SPRI Review 2004: International Glaciological Society

International Glaciological Society

The International Glaciological Society (IGS) is based at the Institute. Its aim is to serve the worldwide community of glaciologists by publishing activities, organization of symposia and actively promoting the exchange of information and ideas on all aspects of snow and ice. In 2004, new staff member Ali Woollatt brought the total number of staff members at the IGS headquarters up to six. The production procedures of the IGS journals were all overhauled and the new systems were implemented at the end of the year. This should speed up production considerably.

During 2004, the IGS published four issues of the Journal of Glaciology , three issues of ICE, its news bulletin, and one volume of the Annals of Glaciology . The Society organized two symposia, the International Symposium on Ice and Water Interactions and the International Symposium on Arctic Glaciology. Julian Dowdeswell and Ian Willis are the Co-Chief Editors of the Arctic Glaciology issue of the Annals of Glaciology , which is based on papers given at the recent Geilo symposium. Details on the IGS and its activities are available from its website (, hosted by the SPRI.

Magnús Már Magnússon (Secretary General)