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SPRI Review 2004: Appeal for the SPRI Archives, Museum and Library

Appeal for the SPRI Archives, Museum and Library

The Scott Polar Research Institute is home to unrivalled resources of polar information and expertise, housing the world's largest polar library, Britain's only polar museum, and a national repository for polar archives that records some of the most memorable episodes in exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic. The Institute's Archives, Museum and Library provide members of the general public, as well as scientists, government bodies, industry and polar inhabitants with important information on a variety of polar topics, including climate change, management of natural resources and historical polar expeditions. In this way, the Institute helps to educate a worldwide audience about the polar regions. In order to ensure that the Institute's resources continue to be widely accessible and to promote the understanding and responsible use of the polar regions, the Institute is seeking £5.2 million through our Appeal.

Funding is being sought to secure the future of the Institute's Archives, Museum and Library and to promote their further development. Our plans involve, first, establishing a new post of Museum and Education Officer, in order to maximise the educational benefits of the Museum, which will also be redesigned and refurbished as part of the Appeal. Secondly, we wish to provide permanent security for the important post of Institute Archivist, which has until now been supported by a series of short-term grants - an inherently unstable position. Thirdly, we wish to underpin the posts of three half-time Area Specialists within the Library, whose roles are essential to maintain the comprehensive polar acquisitions and translation programmes that we operate for Antarctica, the Russian North and Scandinavia.

A number of events have been held during the year which relate to our Appeal, and particular thanks are due to Sir Humphry Wakefield and Rossie Ogilvie (University Development Office) for their support.

Further information on the Appeal is available from Professor Julian Dowdeswell, the Director (; 01223-336541).