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SPRI Review 2003: World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

The World Data Centre for Glaciology is an important component of the Institute's Llibrary and Information service. A new manager, Rick Frolich, was appointed in June 2003 following the retirement of Sally Stonehouse. Rick worked previously as a glaciologist with the British Antarctic Survey. Oliver Merrington has continued as part-time website manager. The appointment of a glaciologist as WDCGC manager has prompted an ongoing review of the WDC's work, which began with a survey of information resources for glaciologists presented to September's meeting of the British Branch of the International Glaciological Society. We hope, through the development of formal collaborations, to address some significant gaps identified in the various bibliographic databases serving glaciology. Other potential new ventures identified for the Centre are being explored with the help of the glaciological community. By complementing existing provision and taking advantage of developing technologies and trends in scientific publication, we intend to expand our range of services and enhance our relevance and responsiveness to glaciologists and the wider interested public.

Acquisition, cataloguing, and indexing programmes added 61 monographs to the collection in 2003, and 808 records to the in-house database SPRILIB, which now contains 38,838 glaciological entries. Records have been contributed to four issues of Polar and Glaciological Abstracts (published by Cambridge University Press) and to two updates of the CD-ROM Arctic and Antarctic Regions (published by National Information Services Corporation). Relevant SPRILIB records continue to be made available freely via the online database ICE AND SNOW, available at This now contains 38,612 entries and receives around 18,000 requests annually. The WDCGC website — — received hits from more than 100 countries in 2003.

Rick Frolich