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SPRI Review 2003: Library


The Institute's renowned polar Library continues to attract visiting scholars from around the World, as well as academic staff and research and undergraduate students from Cambridge. More than 2160 items were added to the Library, including numerous books and other monographs. Three issues of Polar and Glaciological Abstracts, comprising records catalogued by the Institute's specialist bibliographic team, were published by Cambridge University Press. Bibliographic records were also sent for two updates of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions CD-ROM, published by the National Information Services Corporation. Funding from the British Antarctic Survey enabled us to continue our input to the Antarctic Bibliography.

External financial support for information and library services during the year has come from:

Ministry of Defence grant-in-aid (DSNOM) £35,000
NERC British Antarctic Survey £20,000
Royal Society grant-in-aid (for WDC-C) £11,000
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Polar Regions) £10,000

William Mills