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SPRI Review 2003: International Glaciological Society

International Glaciological Society

The International Glaciological Society (IGS) is based at the Institute. Its aim is to serve the worldwide community of glaciologists by publishing activities, organisation of symposia, and actively promoting the exchange of information and ideas on all aspects of snow and ice. The year 2003 saw a number of changes in the IGS office. At the end of April, Magnús Már Magnússon took over from C. Simon L. Ommanney as Secretary General of the Society. Simon had been Secretary General since October 1993. At a banquet, held in his honour in Davos, Switzerland, he was awarded the Richardson Medal for his services to the Society. Two new members of staff arrived, Christine Butler in June and Craig Baxter in October, both as production assistants. Linda Gorman and Ann Leeding bring the total number of staff members at the IGS headquarters up to five. The satellite office at Hills Road was refurbished and the computer and communication network upgraded.

During 2003, the IGS published four issues of Journal of Glaciology, two issues of ICE, its news bulletin, and two volumes of Annals of Glaciology. Ken Moxham handled house editing for the Journal and Annals. The International Symposium on Fast Glacier Flow was held in Yakutat, Alaska, USA, in June 2002. The International Symposium on Physical and Mechanical Processes in Ice in Relation to Glacier and Ice-Sheet Modelling was held in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France, in August 2002. Details are on the IGS and its activities are available from its website (, hosted by the Institute.

Magnús Már Magnússon (Secretary General)