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SPRI Review 2003: Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

The membership of about 500 Friends has enjoyed a number of activities in support of the Institute during the year. Many of our direct contributions were achieved by our volunteers (to whom warmest thanks are due) but Friends also gave generously through donations to projects in the Library, Picture Library, Archives, and Museum. The Friends' Lecture Series, which was well attended as usual, provided a number of interesting Saturday evening talks. Particular thanks are due to William Mills for organising these. Additionally, the convivial Summer Lunch and Autumn Buffet, both held in the Institute, were well attended and much enjoyed.

At the Annual General Meeting in November, it was a particular pleasure to present my predecessor as chair, Philippa Foster-Back, with a facsimile copy of her ancestor George Back's sketchbook, which is to be found in the archives. This was a small token of gratitude for all that she has done in recent years for the Friends and the Institute.

The Friends were able to donate sums totalling £17,000 in support of the Institute to the year ended July 2003. However, we are always seeking ways to increase our support, particularly through the recruitment of new members with our 'Friends find a Friend' campaign.

Dr David M. Wilson (Chair, Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute)