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SPRI Review 2002: Institute WWW Site

Institute WWW Site

The Institute's website, at, is an increasingly important way in which we communicate our research and library and information services externally. It is also a gateway for finding out about and contacting members of our staff. In this context, the Institute web site was completely redesigned and restructured in the later part of 2002. The site is now located on a new high-performance webserver. It contains much new information on our research aims, structure and publications. It also provides a point of access to the many resources and online databases we hold concerning the polar regions. For example, it is our aim to make catalogues of our archival material and collections of historical photographs accessible on the web

As part of the reorganisation of SPRI's website, the sites for the International Glaciological Society and the World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge, have been moved to their own dedicated domain names, at and, respectively. These sites, together with the website of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research,, are now hosted on our new webserver.

Martin Lucas-Smith