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SPRI Review 2002: University Teaching

University Teaching

As part of their University responsibilities, members of the Institute's academic staff give lectures in undergraduate courses in Geography, Physics and Social Anthropology. In addition, undergraduate supervisions are given to students in many colleges. Members of our staff are Fellows of Christ's, Churchill, Darwin, Downing, Jesus, St Catherine's and St John's colleges. Masters students are taught by seminar and on a one-to-one basis in our Master of Philosophy course in Polar Studies, which has academic threads emphasising Physical Science and the Social Sciences and Humanities. Two students entered the course this year. The Institute has 20 doctoral students, spread across topics from physical processes at the margins of Icelandic glaciers, to investigations of reindeer herding in Siberia. Each student is nested within one of our research groups. Our seminar series in Polar Physical Science and Social Science and Humanities run throughout the academic year, and attract colleagues from a number of university departments to hear a wide range of internal and external speakers.