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SPRI Review 2002: Institute Staff

Institute Staff

Our academic staff comprises Cambridge University teaching officers and grant-funded post-doctoral researchers, together with graduate students. In addition, we have a large complement of library and archival personnel and an administrative support team. This year, Dr Neil Arnold received a Pilkington Prize for excellence in teaching. Charles Swithinbank, was awarded a second clasp to his Polar Medal by HM The Queen.

Senior Academic and Related Staff

  • Professor Julian A. Dowdeswell, Director
  • Dr Neil Arnold, University Lecturer
  • Dr Michael Bravo, University Lecturer
  • Mr Robert Headland, Archivist and Curator
  • Mr William Mills, Keeper and Librarian
  • Professor Elizabeth Morris, OBE, NERC Arctic Science Advisor (seconded from BAS)
  • Dr Gareth Rees, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Beau Riffenburgh, Editor, Polar Record
  • Dr Andrew Shepherd, University Assistant Lecturer
  • Dr Piers Vitebsky, Assistant Director of Research
  • Dr Ian Willis, University Lecturer
  • Professor Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics

Research Staff

  • Mr Toby Benham, Research Associate
  • Dr Marcelle Chabot, Research Fellow
  • Dr Bruce Denby, Research Associate
  • Mr Martin Doble, Research Associate
  • Mr Nick Hughes, Research Associate
  • Mr Arthur Kaletsky, Research Associate
  • Dr Colm Ó Cofaigh, Research Associate
  • Dr Olga Tutubalina, Research Fellow
  • Mr Jeremy Wilkinson, Research Associate

Library Staff

  • Ms Sharon Banks, Library Assistant
  • Ms Naomi Boneham, Assistant Archivist
  • Mrs Frances Cramp, Library Assistant
  • Ms Caroline Gunn, Archives Assistant
  • Ms Lucy Martin, Manager, Picture Library
  • Mr Jonathan Pinhey, Nordic Bibliographer
  • Ms Shirley Sawtell, Information Assistant
  • Ms Rebecca Stancombe, Library Assistant
  • Ms Hilary Shibata, Antarctic Bibliographer
  • Mrs Isabella Warren, Russian Bibliographer

Support Staff

  • Ms Bryony Amesbury, Administrator
  • Mrs Liz Crilley, Director's Assistant
  • Mrs Jennifer Dale, Receptionist/Secretary
  • Ms Francesca Franco, Shop Manager
  • Mrs Judy Heath, Senior Accounts Clerk
  • Mr Martin Lucas-Smith, Web Technician
  • Mr Stanley Chapman, Maintenance
  • Mr Brian Smith, Maintenance

Research Students

  • Ms Tanya Argounova
  • Mr Yevgeni Aksenov
  • Mr John Ash
  • Mr Mark Dwyer
  • Ms Daniela Flocco
  • Mr Adrian Fox
  • Ms Stephanie Irlbacher Fox
  • Ms Susanna Grant
  • Mr Joachim Otto Habeck
  • Mr Richard Hall
  • Ms Ingibjorg Jonsdottir
  • Mr John Lin
  • Mr Sean Maher
  • Ms Anna Nelson
  • Mr Richard Powell
  • Mrs Lena Khlinovskaya Rockhill
  • Mr Steven Sawhill
  • Mr Niobe Thompson
  • Mr Sam Van Vactor
  • Ms Emma Wilson
  • Mr Kostas Zorbas

MPhil Students

  • Ms Jennifer Anderson
  • Mr Andrew Faas
  • Ms Janne Flora
  • Ms Caroline Gunn
  • Mr Huw Lewis-Jones
  • Mr Liam Parfitt
  • Ms Sarah Robinson
  • Ms Olga Ulturgasheva
  • Ms Elana Wilson

Institute Associates

  • Dr Valerie Alia
  • Dr Lawson Brigham
  • Dr Hugh Brody
  • Dr Liz Cruwys
  • Dr Debra J. Enzenbacher
  • Mr Michael Gorman
  • Dr Colin Harris
  • Dr John Heap
  • Mr Keith Hill
  • Dr Neil Kent
  • Mr Harry King
  • Mr Oliver Merrington
  • Professor Mark Nuttall
  • Dr Simon Ommanney
  • Dr Philip Pugh
  • Dr Gordon de Q. Robin
  • Dr Clive Smallman
  • Mr Peter Speak
  • Dr Bernard Stonehouse
  • Dr Charles Swithinbank
  • Dr Janet West
  • Professor Peter Williams

Other organisations based at SPRI

World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

  • Mrs Sally Stonehouse, Manager
  • Mr Oliver Merrington, Website Manager

International Glaciological Society

  • Mr Simon Ommanney, Secretary General
  • Mrs Linda Gorman, Assistant to the Secretary General

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  • Dr Peter Clarkson, Executive Secretary
  • Mrs Mandy Dalton, Senior Clerk