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SPRI Review 2002: Projecting the Significance of the Polar Regions

Projecting the Significance of the Polar Regions

Staff of the Institute continue to be involved in a number of varied activities concerning the projection of the polar regions into the wider community. A number of radio and television programmes sought interviews and broadcasts with staff. Views and quotes from staff on polar topics also appeared in newspapers and journals, including The Times and Science. Historical photographs were also supplied to the print media from our extensive collections. The events of National Science Week included a presentation of four historic films, which were introduced with an historical account. A number of external bodies held meetings and academic workshops in the Institute lecture theatre and seminar room, often with staff involvement. For example, the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators held its annual meeting in the Institute this year, emphasising the linkage between Antarctic tourism and the natural environment of Antarctica. We also run a regular series of Saturday Evening Lectures on polar topics which are open to the general public and usually attract audiences of between 60 and 100.