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SPRI Review 2002: SPRI Museum

SPRI Museum

The Institute's Museum continues to introduce the Arctic and Antarctic, and to project the history of polar exploration, to the general public and to school parties. Two special exhibitions were arranged during the year: a photographic display by Wim van Passel, with support from the Royal Dutch Embassy, ran from October to April. A display of the charts and maps of the peri-Antarctic islands was then arranged to coincide with the annual meeting of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators.

A museum attendant has been supported by the Friends of the Institute this year. This has greatly improved variety of polar-related books on sale, and the stock of other materials for the Museum shop, especially relating to children, has also been augmented considerably. The work of computerizing the records of the Museum holdings has also proceeded during the year. Several gifts and long-term loans of items also were received. A notable one was a brass plaque of Lawrence Oates given by the old Worcesters. An oak bookcase that held the library of Scott's Terra Nova was also given.

Discussions have also begun in the Institute about the redesign and refurbishment of the Museum in order to further enhance its role in the public understanding of the polar regions, past, present and future.

R.K. Headland