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SPRI Review 2002: Library


The renowned Library of the Institute continues to grow and to provide both information and space to large numbers of short and longer term visitors. Holdings this year were strengthened by the bequest of the fine polar library of Dennis Carter, and purchase of a large collection of books formerly owned by the distinguished ethnographer, Kaj Birket-Smith. Our Greenland collections have been particularly enhanced by the latter. More than 2000 items were added to the Library, including 1260 books and other monographic materials. By the end of the period covered, SPRILIB held over 160,000 records. Four issues of Polar and Glaciological Abstracts were published by Cambridge University Press and records sent for two updates of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions CD-ROM published by the National Information Services Corporation. Funding from the British Antarctic Survey enabled us to continue our input to the Antarctic Bibliography. This year's contribution included almost 7000 records from the period 1950-1961 in addition to 706 for the contemporary literature.

External financial support for information and library services during the year has come from

Ministry of Defence grant-in-aid (DSNOM) £35,000
NERC British Antarctic Survey £20,000
Royal Society grant-in-aid (for WDC-C) £11,000
Crown Agents £10,000

As usual, the Institute has had large numbers of academic visitors this year. Many are here to use the Library and Archives and to interact with members of the Institute. Most visitors use working space in the Library. Visitors this year have included: Professor William Barr (Arctic Institute of North America), Professor Arnoldus Blix (University of Tromsø), Professor Gary Clarke (University of British Columbia), Dr Louise Crossley (Australian Antarctic Division), Professor Julie Cruikshank (University of British Columbia), Sir Ranulf Fiennes, Dr Tom Griffiths (Australian National University), Mr David Harrowfield (Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand), Dr James Higham (University of Otago), Dr Lubomir Kovacik (Comenius University), Dr Kamil Laska (Masaryk University), Dr Elizabeth Leane (University of Tasmania), Dr Lisbeth Lewander (Göteborg University), Rear Admiral John Myers (UK Hydrographic Department), Dr Alv Orhein (UNIS, Svalbard), The Revd Stephen Palmer, Professor Rajmund Przybylak (Nicholas Copernicus University), Professor Larry Rockhill, Professor Ron Savitt (University of New Hampshire), Dr Matti Seppala (University of Helsinki), the late Dr Norman Socha, Dr Erki Tammiksaar (Karl Ernst von Baer Museum), Dr Monica Tennberg (University of Lapland), Nigel Watson (Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand), Dr David Wilson, Dr Marek Zajaczowski (Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences).

William Mills