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SPRI Review 2002: Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

The Friends had another successful year, supporting the activities of the Institute, and were once again able to make a donation to projects for the Library, Picture Library, Archives and Museum. Interest in the Friends continues, with a steady flow of new members maintaining the membership at around 520. They also contributed towards the acquisition of polar artefacts in the Christies sale in September 2002. The Summer Lunch and Autumn Buffet were well attended and much enjoyed. The Summer Lunch has, for several years now, been held at Girton College but it has been suggested that we have a change in 2003 and hold the lunch at the Institute so that the library and museum can be viewed.

As this is my last report as Chair of the Friends, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Institute staff for all the help they have given me over the years. Special thanks, however, go to all the staff in the Institute office, the three Directors I have served with John Heap, Keith Richards and Julian Dowdeswell, to William Mills and Bob Headland, and to Friends helpers Sally Stonehouse, Anne Todd and Tony Billinghurst. I have appreciated the help, encouragement and support they have given to me and the Friends during my time as Chair. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Dr David Wilson every success as the next Chairman of the Friends.

Philippa Foster Back (Chair, Friends of the Polar Institute)