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SPRI Review 2001: Institute Website

Institute Website

Manager: Oliver Merrington

Use of the SPRI website has continued to expand with an increase from 30,000 requests via the Internet in May 2000 to 72,000 in October 2001, with current requests averaging 1730 per day. Of these, only 7.36% are from (University of Cambridge) domains, implying great interest from the polar community in the UK and abroad. A good proportion are searches on the SPRILIB databases on the website (Antarctica, Russian north, Ice and snow, and Polar pictures). The web-based prospectus for the MPhil in Polar Studies was completely revised for 2001-02 and for the next academic year will use new externally designed webpages. Dr Tanya Argounova-Low kindly provided the Institute with a version of the SPRI homepage in Cyrillic, which will prove useful for contacts with the Russian Federation. Further pages were added in Dutch, Danish, and Finnish, with thanks to Jacqueline Rousel, Christina Folke Ax, and Paul Fryer, respectively. We have recently added information about the Library's Oral History Programme, which has interviewed a number of important polar explorers and researchers. Job advertisements are now regularly placed on the website, with links provided to and from the University's Personnel Division.