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SPRI Review 2001: Library


Library Office: S. Sawtell, S. Banks, F. Cramp
Bibliographers: J. Pinhey, H. Shibata, I. Warren

The new arrangements outlined in last year's report for the Antarctic Bibliography, of which the Institute is co-compiler, have worked well. A regular routine has been established whereby all recently published Antarctic entries are coded for extraction and dispatch to the American Geological Institute (AGI) each quarter. The Institute is able to provide entries for a wide range of titles not otherwise easily covered by AGI, a formal agreement has been signed by our two institutions, and arrangements put in place for document supply of materials unavailable from AGI. This work is funded by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). 2000-01 was the last year of another BAS-funded project, the Historic Antarctic Bibliography Project (HABP). In the course of its duration, the Institute's entire Antarctic monograph holdings have been catalogued, together with many thousands of analytic entries for journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters. In addition to materials held by the Institute, all the major Antarctic bibliographies have been searched through for additional items, records for which have also been added to SPRILIB, in many cases resulting in the subsequent acquisition of items previously missing from the collection. The year 1962 was chosen as the cut-off date for HABP as, after this date, the Antarctic Bibliography offers excellent coverage. Thanks to BAS funding of HABP, SPRILIB and the Antarctic Bibliography taken together should provide near-comprehensive listings of Antarctic literature from the early seventeenth century onwards.

Acquisitions and cataloguing programmes

A total of 2154 items were added to the library, including 1266 books and other monographic materials. By the end of the period covered, SPRILIB held 153,698 records, with 8123 records added during the year. 32,685 monograph records had been added to the Cambridge University Union Catalogue, including 1426 new records this year. Four issues of Polar and Glaciological Abstracts were published by Cambridge University Press and records sent for two updates of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions CD-ROM published by the National Information Services Corporation.

Volunteers and work placements

Pat Little and Jed Brierley have continued their work for the RECON programme, as well as helping with other projects. Little's survey of materials relating to Arctic expeditions in the Pamphlet Collection revealed so many previously uncatalogued material items that it was decided to extend this survey to Antarctic expeditions. Jacqueline Rousel (National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management, The Netherlands) spent one month in the Library, primarily to study its operations, but very generously also helping with our work. Thanks to Ms Rousel, a Dutch translation has been provided for the Institute's website and improved title translations given to the not insignificant number of Dutch publications in SPRILIB.

Last year's report prematurely announced that Ron Wilbraham had relinquished his duties as Honorary Map Curator. In fact, Ron has very kindly continued to look after the map collection as well as scanning The Times. He is, however, soon to move away from Cambridge, at which time he will indeed be relinquishing these duties. Ron has made an enormous contribution during the past 11 years and he will be much missed.

A work placement within the Library was found for Matthew Jankowski.