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SPRI Review 2001: Gino Watkins Memorial Fund

Gino Watkins Memorial Fund

The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, under the joint trusteeship of the University of Cambridge and the Royal Geographical Society, gives grants towards expeditions that meets its objectives of guiding and inspiring enterprising young people towards scientific research and exploration in the polar regions.

The Committee of Managers of the Fund would like to thank the Augustine Courtauld Trust for a generous contribution of £7000. The members of the Committee who served during the year were Mr D. Fordham, (Chairman), Dr I. Campbell, Mr R. Crabtree, Dr L. Craig, Dr P.F. Friend, Dr J. Heap, Professor M. Lea, Mr J. Lowther, Mr J. Muston, Professor K.S. Richards, Professor R.C. Schroter, Dr B. Stonehouse and Mr N. Winser.

The Committee met on the 24 March 2001, and made the following awards:

Greenland 2001 - Tilman in a New Millennium (Year 2): £800
To climb unclimbed 2000 metre peaks, and to climb new rock and ice routes in the Upernavik area. To repeat Tilman's traverse of Bylot Island, and to complete a new ski traverse across Bylot Island.
Scottish Mountaineering Club East Greenland Expedition 2001: £800
To make the first ascent of the unclimbed South Ridge of Dansketinde (2930 m), the highest peak in the Staunings Alps, East Greenland. Also to make the first ascent of the unclimbed South Face of Sussex (2300m); this peak has only been climbed once (Cambridge University team, 1963).
Polestar Expedition: £400
To make the first successful British unsupported longitudinal crossing of Spitsbergen.
Sail Greenland 2001: £1200
To sail to Kap Farvel region of Greenland using a sailing yacht as mobile base, to explore Kangerdluk and Kangersuneq Quingordleq branches of the Nûp Kangerdlua Fjord, and to climb new peaks and attempt Igdlorssuit Qaqat (2292 m).
Lanchester Greenland 2001: £1200
Arctic Club Award. The principal objective of the expedition is to enable at least one team member to make the first ascent of one of the mountains surrounding the proposed base camp. With more than virgin 15 peaks at an anticipated attainable standard around the base camp glacier, a number of first ascents are expected. The adjoining glacier to the northeast appears to be accessible via both a col and the icecap, and will provide a number of further objectives.
Motzfeldt Geological Expedition, South Greenland: £800
To examine processes occurring beneath volcanoes by studying two exceptional extinct volcanoes exposed on remote nunataqs. To allow access to this remarkable area to geologists with relevant scientific expertise, but without experience of Arctic conditions.
Oxford University Svalbard Expedition 2001: £1200
To produce a detailed geological map of the region, focussing on the kinematics of faults and motions involved in deformation.
South Greenland 2001: £1000
To make an ascent of previously unclimbed routes, by traditional rock-climbing methods, of the many granite faces and peaks in Iglorsit Haun, the western-most valley on the south coast of Prins Christian Sund.
Greenland Winter Expedition: £1000
To make a first ascent of the north face of Tupilak (2264 m) and explore the winter climbing potential of the Schweizerland area.