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SPRI Review 2001: British Antarctic Survey Liaison

British Antarctic Survey Liaison

In her role as NERC Arctic Science Advisor, Professor Liz Morris has represented UK scientists in the EU ENVINET project, which is a network of Arctic and alpine research stations. Members of the network have been discussing a wide range of topics of mutual interest, including standardisation and exchange of data collected at the stations and preparation of proposals for Framework 6. With the help of Mrs Angela Morrison at NERC Swindon office, a database of Arctic research and researchers is being constructed so that the achievements and potential of the NERC Arctic Station at Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, can be assessed. This review will take place early in 2002. Dr Morris is also Arctic Liaison Officer for the British Ant-arctic Survey, with the task of assisting BAS Antarctic scientists to take advantage of suitable research opportunities in the Arctic.