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SPRI Review 2000: SPRI Review 2000

SPRI Review 2000

Institute Website

Manager: Oliver Merrington

Use of the SPRI website has continued to expand with an increase from 93,673 requests via the internet in May 1999 to 156,002 in May 2000. Part of this huge increase possibly results from the addition of meta tags for the SPRI home page and the Picture Library page. Increased use prompted us to redesign our homepage, adding a new navigation bar and information resources category. Additional contributions have been from the web editor in each department; for example Joachim Otto Habeck (Social Sciences and Russian Studies Group) has provided the Institute with a comprehensive list of websites on the indigenous peoples in the far north of Russia, plus specific webpages about the Komi, Altay, Tuva, Buryatia, and the Evenki people. In the Library the project to make SPRILIB catalogue records available on the web has continued with the launch of 'SPRILIB Russian North' - 19,024 publications concerning northern Russia and Siberia, and a reload of 'SPRILIB Ice and Snow' from the ICSU World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge. A new database listing all Institute photographs, film, and other illustrative material in the Picture Library has further enhanced access by external clients. William Mills has also developed two new web guides, the 'Index to Antarctic programmes' and an 'Index to Antarctic expeditions,' providing links to relevant websites, literature, and photographs. Another resource, 'The Directory of Polar and Cold Regions Organizations,' has been significantly updated and expanded, most significantly by the addition of internet links, this work being largely carried out Pablo Fuentenebro. As the largest such directory on the internet, this resource has attracted a gratifying amount of interest. Translations of our home page into other languages have continued, the latest additions being German and Spanish, with thanks to library volunteers Claudia Hermichen and Pablo Fuentenebro, respectively.