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SPRI Review 2000: SPRI Review 2000

SPRI Review 2000

Teaching and Lectures

As in earlier years, Dr Peter Wadhams gave four lectures in the 'Glacial studies' course in Part II of the Geographical Tripos.

Dr Neil Arnold served as director of and an examiner for the MPhil in 'Polar studies.' He also acted as an examiner for Part IA of the Geographical Tripos. Dr Arnold gave four lectures for the 'Physical geography' course, and eight lectures and eight practicals for the Part IB 'Geographical ideas and methods' course, and two lectures and two practicals for the 1A 'Ideas and method' course. He also gave eight lectures in the 'Polar and glacial studies' course for Part II of the Geographical Tripos.

Dr Gareth Rees continued to present a module of eight lectures on 'Global climate and environmental change' to the MPhil in 'Geographical information systems and remote sensing,' and resumed presentation of his 16-lecture course on 'Remote sensing' to Part III physics undergraduates. Olga Tutubalina and Meredith Williams were demonstrators (Tutubalina lectured) to the MPhil course in 'Geographic information systems and remote sensing.'

Professor Richards again contributed lectures in the Part II course on 'Fluvial processes and the landscape,' the Part IB course on 'Process geomorphology,' and an MPhil option on 'River basin management.' He also led field classes for 35 Part IB undergraduates to southern Portugal and for 20 MPhil students to the Rhine-Maas Delta in the Netherlands. He was a senior examiner for the MPhil course in 'Environment and development'