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SPRI Review 2000: SPRI Review 2000

SPRI Review 2000

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Dr P.D. Clarkson

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) of the International Council for Science (ICSU) is housed within the Institute. Dr P.D. Clarkson continued as Executive Secretary and Mrs M.J. Hassett as Senior Clerk.

The Executive Secretary paid an opportunistic visit to the Instituto Antártico Argentino in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during November 1999 to discuss arrangements for the second meeting of the ad hoc Group on SCAR Organization and Strategy. He was also able to hold informal discussions with some members of staff at the Instituto.

During the period from late January to early September 2000 Mrs Hassett was on maternity leave. The following temporary staff provided secretarial assistance during this time: Mr N. Bislanis, Mr D. Dissanayke, and Mr M. Armansin.

Dr R.H. Rutford, President of SCAR, visited the Secretariat during March 2000 to prepare for the forthcoming XXVI SCAR meeting. He also represented SCAR at the memorial service for Sir Vivian Fuchs.

The XXVI SCAR Meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan, 10-21 July 2000. The Executive Secretary provided the secretarial support for the meeting. A major item for the delegates meeting was the adoption of the report of the ad hoc Group on SCAR Organization and Strategy and the decision to implement the recommendations of this review. These will have far-reaching effects for the operation of SCAR during the coming years.

Dr Rutford, Dr D.W.H. Walton, and Dr Clarkson represented SCAR at the XII Antarctic Treaty Special Consultative Meeting held in The Hague, The Netherlands, 11-15 September 2000. The main purpose of this meeting was to receive the report of the Committee for Environmental Protection held during the week. SCAR submitted several papers to this meeting.

Four issues of SCAR Bulletin (nos 135-138) were published within Polar Record and as separates during the year with the assistance of Polar Publications.

SCAR continues to initiate, promote, and coordinate scientific research in the Antarctic and to provide scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System.