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SPRI Review 2000: SPRI Review 2000

SPRI Review 2000

Members of the Department

Academic and Research Staff
Professor K.S. Richards, Director
Dr Peter Wadhams, Reader in Polar Studies
Dr Gareth Rees, Assistant Director of Research
Dr Piers Vitebsky, Assistant Director of Research
Dr Neil Arnold, University Assistant Lecturer
Dr Michael Bravo, University Lecturer
Professor Liz Morris, Secondment from BAS
Mr William Mills, Keeper and Librarian
Dr Beau Riffenburgh, Editor, Polar Record
Mr Robert Headland, Archivist and Museum Curator
Dr Norman Davis, Senior Research Associate
Mr Martin Doble, Research Associate
Mr Nick Hughes, Research Associate
Mr Arthur Kaletsky, Research Associate
Mr Jeremy Wilkinson, Research Associate
Mr Oliver Merrington, Research Assistant
Mr Alan Steel, Research Assistant
Mr Meredith Williams, Research Assistant
Dr Valerie Alia, Senior Associate
Dr Liz Cruwys, Senior Associate
Mr Michael Gorman, Senior Associate
Mr Keith Hill, Senior Associate
Dr Neil Kent, Senior Associate
Mr Harry King, Senior Associate
Dr Gordon de Robin, Senior Associate
Mr Peter Speak, Senior Associate
Dr Bernard Stonehouse, Senior Associate
Dr Charles Swithinbank, Senior Associate
Dr Janet West, Senior Associate
Professor Peter Williams, Senior Associate
Dr Yvette Marchand, Research Fellow

Picture Library
Mrs Philippa Smith, Manager
Miss Lucy Martin, Acting Manager

Library Bibliographers
Mr Jonathan Pinhey, Nordic Bibliographer
Ms Hilary Shibata, Antarctic Bibliographer
Ms Isabella Warren, Russian Bibliographer

World Data Centre for Glaciology
Mrs Sally Stonehouse, Manager

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Dr Peter Clarkson, Executive Secretary
Mrs Moira Hassett, Senior Clerk

International Glaciological Society
Mr Simon Ommanney, Secretary General
Mr David Garbett, Production Manager
Mrs Linda Gorman, Secretary

Research Students
Mr Yevgeny Aksenov
Miss Tatiana Argounova
Mr John Ash
Capt Lawson Brigham
Ms Maria Pia Casarini-Wadhams
Ms Mary Core
Mr Andrew Fox
Mr Richard Hall
Mr Joachim Otto Haback
Ms Ingibjorg Jonsdottir
Mr Indra Nobl-Overland
Ms Lena Rockhill
Mr Steven Sawhill
Miss Olga Toutoubalina
Mr Sam Van Vector
Miss Emma Wilson

Placement students
Miss Emily Harker
Mr Stephen Vaughan

Administrative Staff
Miss Sharon Banks
Mrs Irene Burns
Mrs Frances Cramp
Mrs Jennifer Dale
Mrs Janis Eagle
Mrs Gillian Renshaw
Miss Shirley Sawtell

Maintenance Staff
Mr Stanley Chapman
Mr Harry Day
Mr Brian Smith