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SPRI Review 1999: Institute Website

Institute Website

Oliver Merrington

The SPRI website has continued to expand in the past year. Additional contributions have been from the web editor in each department of the Institute. The Social Sciences and Russian Studies Group webpages were completely revised, with each researcher within it providing a one-page summary of his or her project. The MPhil in Polar Studies course description was also expanded. In the Library 'SPRILIB Antarctica' was launched using new software from Muscat to convert library catalogue records to webpages. The Picture Library has benefited from volunteer help leading to pages of photographs from the Gough Island Scientific Survey 1955-56 prepared by Claude Cowan, and a much enhanced Gallery Page, which now has 144 new photographs on display prepared by Daniel Lambert. The Friends expanded their use of the website with advertising for the 1999 Southern Cross calendar, the SPRI Christmas card, and online copies of their newsletter 'Polar Bytes.' Finally translations of the home page into other languages have continued, the latest addition being Icelandic, with thanks to PhD student Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir.

NERC Arctic Environmental Metadata Centre

Manager: Oliver Merrington (until August 1999)

Information on NERC Arctic grants and studentships was collected as part of this two-year NERC-funded project, which was supervised by Professor Keith Richards with Professor Julian Dowdeswell (Bristol University). Lists of these grants and studentships are now shown on a website [], with hypertext links to a directory of scientists in UK universities who have worked in this region. As part of this work, Oliver Merrington attended the council meeting of the IASC International Environmental Arctic Data Directory, in Ottawa, Canada, in June 1999, on behalf of the UK Arctic community.