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SPRI Review 1999: Library and Information Service

Library and Information Service

World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

Manager: Sally Stonehouse
Website Manager: Oliver Merrington

In July Mr Merrington attended the meeting of the Council for Science (ICSU) 'Panel of World Data Centres' at the University of Birmingham. One outcome of this meeting was a change in the system of naming WDCs. Accordingly, World Data Centre C for Glaciology changed its name to that given in the heading above.

Under the direction of Mrs Stonehouse, the glaciological collections have been moved to the top floor of the rotunda in the Shackleton Memorial Library, so as to be as near as possible to the scientific periodicals and research groups. Acquisition, cataloguing, and indexing programmes have continued, and the resulting records contributed to four issues of Polar and Glaciological Abstracts.

On the WDC website, The Directory of European Glaciology [] now posts completed directories for Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, together with a directory of International Organizations involved in glaciology. The United Kingdom directory is new this year; those for Denmark and Germany have been revised. A new directory for Iceland has been compiled and is currently being checked by the International Glaciological Society representative for Iceland.