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SPRI Review 1999: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Dr P.D. Clarkson

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) of the International Council for Science (ICSU) is housed within the Institute. Dr P.D. Clarkson continued as Executive Secretary, and Mrs M.J. Hassett continued as Senior Clerk. The staff appreciated the newly refurbished office accommodation following the completion of the building works to the Institute.

The Executive Secretary visited Dr R.H. Rutford, President of SCAR, in Dallas, Texas, during April 1999 to prepare for forthcoming meetings during the year. Mrs Hassett developed the new SCAR web site to provide better dissemination of information through SCAR and for the public at large. The home page may be found at:

In May-June 1999, SCAR was represented at the Twenty-third Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (XXIII ATCM) in Lima, Peru, by Dr Rutford, Dr D.W.H. Walton, and Dr Clarkson. Papers were tabled on various aspects of SCAR scientific research, particularly on global change research, in addition to the SCAR report to the ATCM.

The Executive Secretary represented SCAR at the annual meeting of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) in Hamburg, Germany, during June 1999. He presented a paper on the relationship between the scientific community and tourism in Antarctica.

The SCAR Group of Specialists on Environmental Affairs and Conservation held its annual meeting (GOSEAC XI) in Montevideo, Uruguay, during July 1999. The Executive Secretary took part in and serviced the meeting.

The meeting of the SCAR Executive Committee was held in Goa, India, during September 1999. The Executive Secretary serviced the meeting.

Several meetings and workshops were also held in Cambridge during the year, at which the Secretariat provided administrative assistance. These included international workshops on 'Inter-annual variability in the Southern Ocean' and 'Antarctic sub-glacial lakes' and a meeting of the ad hoc Group on SCAR Organization and Strategy.

Four issues of SCAR Bulletin (nos 131-134) were published within Polar Record and as separates during the year with the assistance of Polar Publications. SCAR Report nos 16 and 17 were published in April and August 1999.

SCAR continues to initiate, promote, and coordinate scientific research in the Antarctic and to provide scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System.