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SPRI Review 1998: Library and Information Service

Library and Information Service

SPRI Website

Website Manager: Oliver Merrington

The SPRI website has grown considerably in the past year. Contributions from research staff are coordinated by a web editor in each department. These are Otto Habeck (Social Sciences and Russian Studies), Arthur Kaletsky (Sea Ice), William Mills (Library and Archives), and Alan Steel (Remote Sensing). Each research group now has a unique set of webpages describing current and past research, and advertising vacancies for studentships. Other pages are produced by Oliver Merrington, who also has the overall editorial control of the site.

The major new use of the website this year was the reports of progress on the Shackleton Memorial Library by Captain Joe Wubbold, which were accompanied by digital photographs of building work taken by Dr Gareth Rees. Many visitors and people from overseas who made a financial contribution to the new building commented how interesting it was to see how the building was progressing.

During 1997-98, the Institute also hosted a technology project by Roland Warren whose school project was to develop Kids Pages for the Institute. The pages used innovative techniques and form a useful basis for a developing website to meet the needs of school-age students. The Picture Library has made particular use of the website, and a gallery has been developed, which has allowed fund-raising business for the Institute. Translations of the home page into French, Swedish, and Norwegian have improved our profile in these countries, and further pages are planned for 1998-99. Our thanks must go to the visting scholars and other individuals who voluntarily translated this material. Finally, work progressed during the year on a new website for the International Glaciological Society, whose pages have been redesigned, for launch in winter 1998.