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SPRI Review 1998: Teaching and Lectures

Teaching and Lectures


Three students took the Master of Philosophy course in Polar Studies during 1997-98. All were successful. The course involved some 60 seminar papers that were presented by the staff of the Institute, visitors, and invited speakers from outside Cambridge. The course director was Dr John Heap. The students were assessed on the basis of a 20,000-word thesis and six essay papers. The theses are available in the Institute Library, and the titles are:

  • 'Investigating the complexity of Holocene climate using ice core records' by Maria Godoi
  • 'Scientific achievements by Antarctic expeditions in the aftermath of the Sixth International Geographical Congress: 1895-1905' by Kirk Salveson
  • 'Wrangel Island: from political dispute to Russian sovereignty' by AnnaVdovenko-Zuckerman.

Other teaching

As in previous years, Dr Peter Wadhams gave four lectures in the 'Glacial studies' course in Part II of the Geographical Tripos.

Dr Gareth Rees continued to present a module of eight lectures on 'Global climate and environmental change' to the MPhil in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, and a very propular of 16-lectures course on remote sensing to the Part III physics undergraduates. He also continued to act as external examiner in combined science at Canterbury Christ Church College.

Dr Neil Arnold gave four lectures for the 'Physical geography' course, and six lectures and six practicals for the 'Geographical ideas and methods' course for Part 1A of the Geographical Tripos. He also gave four lectures for the Part1B 'Geographical ideas and methods' course, and eight lectures in the 'Polar and glacial studies' course for Part 2 of the Geographical Tripos. He also acted as an examiner for Part 1A of the Geographical Tripos, and for the MPhil in Polar Studies, and was appointed as the director of the Polar Studies MPhil in August 1998.

Dr Piers Vitebsky contined to serve as a staff member of the Mongolian Studies Unit; as advisor to graduate students from the Department of Social Anthropology; and as external examiner for the MA in Social Anthropology and the MA Medical Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in the University of London. He supervised the work of three placement students from Yakutsk University; and served as secretary to the International Advisory Board of the Department of Ethnology at the European University of St Petersburg, where he also lectured. He also lectured at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.