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SPRI Review 1998: Library and Information Service

Library and Information Service

NERC Arctic Environmental Metadata Centre

Manager: Oliver Merrington

Metadata on NERC Arctic Grants and Studentships is being collected as part of this two year NERC project, which was supervised by Dr John Heap (until his retirement) and by Prof Keith Richards (from October 1998) in conjunction with Prof Julian Dowdeswell. Lists of these grants and studentships are shown on a website [], with hypertext links to a Directory of UK scientists in UK universities who have worked in the Arctic. It is hoped that a metadata management system (MDMS) at the British Antarctic Survey would be used to record further details of datasets maintained by PIs in UK universities. As part of this work Oliver Merrington attended the Council Meeeting of the IASC International Environmental Arctic Data Directory, in Rovaniemi, Finland in June 1998, of behalf of the UK.