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SPRI Review 1996: World Data Centre C, Glaciology

World Data Centre C, Glaciology

O.J. Merrington, Manager

During August 1996, the WDC-C Manager attended a series of international meetings held in Cambridge. From 1-3 August, he attended sessions of the World Climate Research Programme, International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (IPAB) held at the Scott Polar Research Institute. From 3-4 August, he was invited to participate in the fourth meeting of the SCAR-COMNAP ad hoc Planning Group on Antarctic Data Management. From 5-9 August, he attended several sessions of the SCAR Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (PACA) Working Group, and joined the SCAR Working Group on Glaciology as a full observing member. One outcome was WDC-C's selection to house the Internet home page of the SCAR Working Group on Glaciology, which may now be accessed via More recently, an agreement has been reached with the International Glaciological Society (IGS) for the relocation of its home pages to the SPRI webserver. This work will be carried out by the WDC-C Manager at the expense of IGS. By bringing the WWW sites of these important international glaciological organisations into immediate adjacency with those of WDC-C, our aim is to develop this site as a prime Internet point of contact for glaciologists. In the wake of the Icelandic under-ice eruption, WDC-C mounted pages providing the latest information on the progress of this eruption and anticipated floods. These pages attracted considerable interest worldwide and offered a highly effective means of drawing attention to WDC-C.

Acquisitions and cataloguing programmes have continued as in previous years, although with a reduced output to SPRILIB consequent on the Manager's part-time status. In particular, WDC-C continues to provide the majority of the glaciological input to Polar and Glaciological Abstracts, although now receiving some assistance from other SPRI staff. Under a trial 12-month period, the WDC-C Manager has focused his efforts on the processing of publications by European glaciologists, non-European publications being processed by other SPRI staff insofar as it falls within their regions of geographic specialism.

The RECON programme under which earlier card catalogued materials are converted for addition to SPRILIB has continued to make good progress. With the assistance of Simon Ommanney, Secretary-General of IGS, we are now investigating means by which records extracted from the IGS database can be used to accelerate the RECON glaciological programme still further.