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SPRI Review 1996: Teaching and lectures

Teaching and lectures


Six students successfully completed the course for the Master of Philosophy in Polar Studies. The course involved some 65 seminar papers that were presented by the staff of the Institute, visitors, and invited speakers from outside Cambridge. The course director was Dr John Heap. The students were assessed on the basis of a 20,000-word thesis and six essay papers. The theses are available in the Institute Library, and the students and their thesis titles were:

Lawson Brigham: Sea ice and ocean processes in the Laptev Sea.

Paul Mitcham: Continuity and change in north European Nordpolitik in the wake of the cold war: the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR).

R. Dan Small: The social determinants of alcohol abuse in Canadian Inuit.

Anne Vick: Land transportation management in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Marcus West: Post 1920 Svalbard: the challenge for economic development.

Joseph H. Wubbold III: Transporting liquified natural gas by surface ships from the north slope of Alaska to world markets.

Dr Gareth Rees contributed several core lectures and the module in glaciology and oceanography to the MPhil in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

Undergraduate teaching

During the Michaelmas Term, Dr Peter Wadhams gave four lectures in the Glacial studies course in the Part II Geographical Tripos. The same term, Dr Beau Riffenburgh presented a course on 'Popular imperialism and exploration, 1800-1914' as part of the 'Expansion of Europe' paper in the Part I History Tripos. Dr Rees contributed a course of lectures on remote sensing to final-year physics undergraduates at the Cavendish Laboratory.