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SPRI Review 1995: SPRI Review 1995

SPRI Review 1995

World Data Centre C, Glaciology

Ailsa Macqueen (until 31.12.94);
Oliver Merrington (from 1.3.95)

Following a review of WDC-C's activities and services, the Royal Society halved its funding. The Society has emphasized that whilst it considered WDC-C 'to fulfil an excellent purpose,' wider considerations forced a decision to reduce funding, so that on the retirement of Mrs Macqueen, the post of Manager could only be filled on a part-time basis. The Institute was fortunate to find a well-qualified candidate in Oliver Merrington (MSc, C Biol, MI Biol, MI InfSc) to take up this post. Merrington was previously Head of Library Services for a large agribusiness research site. He also brings to the post extensive Internet and World-Wide Web experience. Acquiring the range of specialist skills and knowledge necessary for discharge of all of the duties of WDC-C Manager cannot be an overnight accomplishment, but progress has been made and a notable development has been the establishment of the Ice and Snow database consisting of more than 25,000 glaciological records and the first Institute facility to be made accessible over the Internet.

Merrington is focusing his attention particularly on identifying the best means by which WDC-C's unmatched collection and services may be made accessible to all glaciologists, not just to those based in the Institute or those fortunate enough to be able to visit Cambridge. Among the latter, WDC-C has continued to attract a stream of visiting scientists, this year's visitors coming from Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, and the United States.