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SPRI Review 1995: SPRI Review 1995

SPRI Review 1995

International Glaciological Society

Dr Simon Ommanney, Secretary General

The Society continued its service to the glaciological community, its publishing activities, and the organization of symposia around the world from its headquarters within the Scott Polar Research Institute. Access to its office is now possible through the Internet.

In 1995 the Society published three issues of the Journal of Glaciology and three issues of ICE, the News Bulletin of the International Glaciological Society. Douglas MacAyeal (University of Chicago) continued as chief editor of the Journal, with copy editing done by Ray Adie and Ken Moxham. The proceedings of the 'International symposium on the role of the cryosphere in global change' (Columbus, Ohio, 1994) were published in July as Annals of Glaciology 21. All publications are available from the IGS office.

The 'International symposium on glacier erosion and sedimentation' was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, in August 1995. The overall organization was done by the Secretary General, with local arrangements though a Icelandic committee headed by Helgi Bjornsson. The proceedings will be published as Annals of Glaciology 22, edited by David Collins (University of Manchester).

The IGS is collaborating with the European Science Foundation in publishing the proceedings of the 'EISMINT international symposium on ice sheet modelling,' held in Chamonix, France, in September 1995. These are scheduled to be published as Annals of Glaciology 23, and will be edited by Kolumban Hutter (Technische Hochschule Darmstadt).

Planning for future symposia continued. For 1996, the IGS is organizing the 'International symposium on representation of the cryosphere in climate and hydrological models,' in Victoria, Canada, from 12-15 August. It is a co-sponsor of a workshop on 'Changing glaciers: revising themes and field sites of classical glaciology,' to be held in Fjaerland, Norway from 24-26 June, and will publish the proceedings of this meeting in the Annals of Glaciology. The IGS is also co-sponsor of the 'IXth international symposium on the physics and chemistry of ice,' being held at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, 27-31 August.

In 1997 the IGS is organizing an 'International symposium on snow and avalanches' in Chamonix, France, 25-29 May, and one on 'Antarctica and global change,' in collaboration with the Antarctic CRC in Hobart, Tasmania, 14-18 July. For 1998 the Society has accepted an invitation to meet in Sweden to discuss the interaction between ice sheets and landscapes.

The Secretary General attended the one-hundredth anniversary meeting of the Comitato Glaciologico Italiano, in Torino and presented a paper on 100 years of glacier observations in Canada, which will be published in Geografica Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria.