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SPRI Review 1995: SPRI Review 1995

SPRI Review 1995

Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

We welcome new members and thank all for their support. Subscriptions and donations amounting to £4518.56 were received during the year. This support, which is gratefully acknowledged, was used to purchase additions for the collections and to conserve archival material.

We thank Ron Wilbraham and Tony Billinghurst for their regular help with the map collection and archives, respectively. Thanks are also due to Robert Menzies, Jean Salingar, and Mary Swithinbank for their continuing help with the museum shop.

We would also like to thank two members of the SPRI staff: Teresa Clarke, who created the database and instigated the updating and modernising of the records of the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and Jennifer Dale, the new membership secretary, who implemented these procedures.