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SPRI Review 1995: SPRI Review 1995

SPRI Review 1995

Conferences held and attended

Dr Peter Wadhams was co-organiser, with Professor Julian Dowdeswell (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) and Andrew Schofield (Cambridge Engineering Department), of a Royal Society discussion meeting on 'The Arctic and environmental change," which was held at the Royal Institution, London, 12-13 October 1994. Fourteen papers were presented, covering atmospheric changes, ozone loss, solar irradiance, terrestrial and marine ecosystems, sea ice, physical oceanography, glaicers, permafrost, and ice core records. These included a paper by Dr Wadhams on 'Arctic sea ice extent and thickness.' The proceedings of the conference were published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A352, 1699 (25 August 1995) and are also to be published as a book by Gordon and Breach. On the day after the discussion meeting, many of the delegates remained for a further day's discussion meeting, under the auspices of the CIBA Foundation, on 'Rapid climatic change.'

Dr Wadhams gave an invited paper on 'Antarctic sea ice properties' at the 'First Latin American conference on Antarctic science,' at São Paulo, Brazil, November 1994. He also gave an invited paper on 'Ice characteristics in the 1993 Odden' at the 'Nordic seas symposium,' Hamburg, March 1995. That same month, he gave an evening lecture, with M.P. Casarini-Wadhams and Barry Ranford, entitled 'In search of Franklin,' at the Royal Geographical Society,. In June, he presented an invited paper entitled 'The Ocean Drilling Program in Fram Strait: a case study of the use of ice charts to predict the probability of ice-free conditions' at the 5th International conference of the International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE), The Hague. In July 1995, he gave a paper on SAR imaging of waves in sea ice at IGARSS '95 (International geoscience and remote sensing symposium) in Florence, as well as an invited paper at the 'International symposium on environmental research in the Arctic,' Tokyo. He and Mrs Casarini-Wadhams each gave lectures for a special session on John Franklin at the Orkney Science Festival, 8-11 September 1995.

Dr Wadhams was invited by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) to be an expert participant in a technical meeting in Washington, DC, on the conversion of nuclear submarines for civilian scientific use, October 1994. As a PI for the ONR SIMI Program (Sea Ice Mechanics Initiative), he attended a 'Symposium on sea ice mechanics and Arctic modelling,' in Anchorage, Alaska, April 1995, and gave a paper on results of the Institute's work. As a member of GLOCHANT (Working Group on Global Change in the Antarctic, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research), he attended a meeting in Tokyo, April 1995, to draw up an international research plan for Antarctic sea ice and climate change. As a member of the IASC (International Arctic Science Committee) Working Group on Climate Change, he attended meetings in Stockholm, December 1994, and Groningen, September 1995, to plan an Arctic regional research programme. Dr Wadhams was appointed to a committee of three (with Professor Dowdeswell and Professor T. Callaghan) to draw up an Arctic research strategy for NERC, which was published in October 1995.

Dr Gareth Rees spoke at a meeting of the ESRC/NERC joint working group on collaborative research in the Arctic, held at Cambridge in October 1994, and presented a paper at the 'NATO advanced research workshop on disturbance and recovery of Arctic terrestrial ecosystems,' held at Rovaniemi, Finland, in September 1995.

Andrew Bingham (Research Student) presented papers at IGARSS '95 in July, and at the British Branch meeting of the International Glaciological Society at Leeds in September 1995.

Daniel Feltham (Research Student) attended the NERC course in geophysical fluid dynamics at Cambridge in July 1995.

Dr Piers Vitebsky taught an intensive residential course in Tromsø for Norwegian research students working in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. He lectured to the Scientific and Medical Network in Cambridge and became an editorial advisor to the journal Environment and History. In Yakutsk he took part in the Ministry of the Environment's 'Conference on environmental futures' and the inaugural meeting of the Association of Reindeer Herders of the Sakha Republic. He also participated in a conference of the revivalist Kut Sur society in Yakutsk and a conference of pagans at the University of Newcastle.

Dr Vitebsky hosted the annual conference of the Common Property Forum of the Nordic Council, the first time this was held outside a Nordic country. Dr Mark Nuttall helped organise a joint meeting between the ESRC and NERC, on potential cooperation between the social and natural sciences in the Arctic.