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Grants awarded: 2021

Grants awarded: 2021

The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, under the joint trusteeship of the University of Cambridge and the Royal Geographical Society, gives grants towards expeditions that meet its objectives of guiding and inspiring enterprising people towards scientific research and exploration in the polar regions.

The Committee of Managers of the Fund would like to thank the Augustine Courtauld Trust for their ongoing support. The members of the Committee who served during the year were Dr L Craig (Chair), Professor J Dowdeswell, Mr R Durbridge, Dr D Goodman, Mrs P Goodman, Mr N Gwynne, Dr M Humphreys, Mr R Page, Mr O Sanders, Professor R C Schroter, Dr M Tinsley, and Dr F Wensley.

The Committee met remotely on 20th February 2021 and made the following awards:





In the wake of Watkins, Sailing in East Greenland, May to August 2021 Report A 14-week sailing voyage to East Greenland, walking and kayaking in Watkins Fjord and returning to the UK via Scoresbysund, then Iceland. £5,000
Geological sailing trip in South-Western Svalbard, July 2021 Report A 2-week field cruise to take geochemical samples off the coast of South-Western Svalbard. £500