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Grants awarded: 2019

Grants awarded: 2019

The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, under the joint trusteeship of the University of Cambridge and the Royal Geographical Society, gives grants towards expeditions that meet its objectives of guiding and inspiring enterprising people towards scientific research and exploration in the polar regions.

The Committee of Managers of the Fund would like to thank the Augustine Courtauld Trust for their generous contribution of £9,000. The members of the Committee who served during the year were Dr L Craig (Chair), Professor J Dowdeswell, Mr R Durbridge, Mr D Fordham, Dr D Goodman, Mr N Gwynne, Dr M Humphreys, Professor M Lea, Mr R Page, Professor R C Schroter, Dr M Tinsley, and Dr F Wensley.

The Committee met on the 23rd February 2019 and made the following awards:





ARG Bockfjorden, Svalbard 2019

A multi-disciplinary scientific expedition by the Arctic Research Group to Bockfjord, north-west Spitsbergen.


Renland, Greenland, 2019

A four-member expedition travelling to Renland, a peninsula on the East coast of Greenland to make the first ascent of two previously unclimbed peaks

£3,000 + £3,000 Arctic Club = £6,000

Sisterhood of Adventure, 2019

Preliminary report

Kite ski crossing of Greenland


Green-X, 2019

Kite ski crossing from Kangerlussuaq, Southern Greenland, to Qaanaaq, North Eastern Greenland whilst leaving zero environmental impact

£2,000 + £3,000 Arctic Club = £5,000

Greenland self-supported 'Sail to Climb' expedition, 2019

To explore the potential for new climbing routes, including those on sea cliffs, on Greenland's west coast from a 32ft yacht

£3,000 + £3,000 Arctic Club = £6,000

Simpson Award

North Jameson Land, Greenland, Summer 2019

To explore the North Jameson Land area from a drop-off point at the head of Permdal.


Arctic Connections, Norway, 2019

Preliminary report

Unsupported ski expedition across the Finnmark Plateau in Arctic Norway, shadowing a family of Sami reindeer herders and making educational documentary in the process


Baffin Paddle/Climb 2019, Canada

To make first ascents on big walls in Akshayuk Pass, to make the third descent of the Weasel River and to engage meaningfully with the local community


Retracing the Scott Polar Research Institute's 1932 Vatnajokull Expedition, Iceland


To use new technologies to investigate and document the changes in the intervening period whilst retracing the 1932 expedition.


University of St Andrews Tugtutoq Alkaline Giant Dyke Mapping and Research Expedition, Greenland, 2019

To improve the understanding of alkaline igneous systems, both for geological knowledge and for the development of better and more environmentally friendly practices in the mining industry.


Return to Vatnajokull, Iceland, April 2019

Preliminary report

To retrace the footsteps of the 1932 Cambridge Expedition and collect data using modern techniques to gain an insight into how the environment has changed in the intervening period