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Grants awarded: 2015

Grants awarded: 2015

The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, under the joint trusteeship of the University of Cambridge and the Royal Geographical Society, gives grants towards expeditions that meet its objectives of guiding and inspiring enterprising people towards scientific research and exploration in the polar regions.

The Committee of Managers of the Fund would like to thank the Augustine Courtauld Trust for their generous contribution of £9,000. The members of the Committee who served during the year were Mr D Fordham, (Chairman), Dr P. Adams, Dr I Campbell, Dr L Craig, Professor J Dowdeswell, Dr D Goodman, Dr M Humphreys, Professor M Lea, Mr J Muston, Professor R C Schroter, and Dr M Tinsley.

The Committee met on the 28th February 2015 and made the following awards:

Expedition Report Description Award
Arctic Leadership Skills Programme Report To train leaders in polar/arctic leadership skills; this will include camp craft, leadership, ice and glacier movement, rescue, safety and emergency techniques, environmental awareness, polar bear behaviour and counter measures. £1,000
Worksop College East Greenland Catalina Expedition 2015 Report Explore the southern Stauning Alps. Equip pupils with skills to become mountaineers. Gather botanical and entomological specimens for British universities. £2,500
Alastair MacDonald award
On Thick Ice? Report Walk from Point 660 (near Kangerlussuaq) to Greenland ice sheet. Examine glacier ecology. Abseil into crevasses to obtain biological samples. Produce footage to use for education and outreach purposes. £1,200
British Sam Ford Fjord Expedition Postponed to 2016 Make alpine style, mostly free ascents of the huge walls surrounding Sam Ford Fjord on the East Coast of Baffin Island. Ascent the Polar Sun Spire. £3,000
inc £1,000 Arctic Club
Interaction between ice loss and glacier hydrology, Russell Glacier, Greenland Report Investigate the impact surface roughness on melt. £1,600
Arctic 2015- Final Return Report To climb new routes in Hamborgeland on west coast of Greenland and new routes in the Cape Farewell area at the southern tip. To sail the boat home across the Atlantic from Greenland to Scotland. £2,500
Sailing to Svalbard Report Sail across north sea to Norway, up west coast to Tromso via Lofoten Islands, across Arctic Ocean to Svalbard. £2,500
The A and J Simpson award 2015
West Lancs Scouts Mountaineering Group Greenland 2015 Report To offer developmental opportunities to young people from West Lancs Scouts; to experience and explore the Arctic wilderness; to climb remote mountains; to undertake a degree of scientific research and exploration. To promote Scouting. £2,500