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Grants awarded: 2006

Grants awarded: 2006

The Committee met on the 4th March 2006, and made the following awards:

Expedition Description Award
Queen Elizabeth II High School Expedition to South Greenland 2006

To travel by foot and kayak around S. Greenland.

To write a sea kayaking paddle guide for the area.

To collect samples of dwarf willow to examine growth rings.

The Glasgow Academy Greenland Expedition 2006

To explore a rarely visited Arctic area

To climb unclimbed peaks

To collect live samples of the Greenlandic Seed Bug.

To learn about Inuit life

To receive leadership training.


A & J Simpson Expedition 2006

Arctic Foxes Greenland Quest 2006 To be the first British all female team to cross the Greenland ice-cap. To use power kites to challenge the current world speed record for the crossing. To develop our own skills, knowledge & confidence in safe & responsible Arctic travel. £500
Alaska Environmental Change Undergraduate Research Expedition 2006 To research environmental change in Alaska during the quaternary. Research time divided between glacial and vegetation history research


Edward Wilson Fund

Royal Navy Expedition Arctic Mountaineer To climb some previously climbed mountains in the area and mountains which have been previously un-climbed. Also the intention is to explore other areas within the upper Woolley glacier area which have not been previously visited £500
Trans-Greenland 2006 To make an unassisted (no kites), unsupported traverse of the Greenland icecap in order to experience one of the classic polar journeys and to raise funds for RNID, an organisation that has given tremendous support to one of our team members £1,000
Svalbard Spring 2006

To provide a unique Youth development experience in the Arctic Wilderness of Svalbard.

To provide a unique opportunity for adventure based around living and working in Arctic winter, spring and summer conditions at the seasonal melt transition.

To study the changing glacial movements and melt rates on Svalbard. To carry out ornithological and botanical studies in consultation with researchers at the University of Swansea.

To contribute to the ongoing research on the effects of global warming global temperatures. Monitoring the changes over the past few decades of gradually warming global temperatures. We will use past BSES scientific reports from 1996, 2001, and 2003.

To monitor local effects of human activities at the onset of the seasonal melt (on behalf of the Governor of Svalbard).

To monitor, measure and evaluate physiological effects of prolonged Arctic living in the field over

the Expedition Period.

Oxford University Greenland Expedition 2006 To explore the Gronau Nunatakker range in Eastern Greenland, a mountain range which has seen only one previous expedition, making as many first ascents as possible. After thoroughly exploring the range we will trek on skis about 100km east across Knud Rasmussen Land, a subsidiary icecap which has seen few expeditions, exploring and mountaineering along the way. £1,500 +
£500 Arctic Club Award
Cambridge East Greenland Expedition 2006 We aim to explore and make first ascents of unclimbed peaks in two specific regions (both remote and seldom-visited) of the Schweizerland Alps. One of these regions is just below the Arctic Circle and the other is just above it. As well as furthering our mountaineering experience, we plan to gain valuable experience of polar travel techniques, covering large distances overland with skis and hauling loads in pulks (sledges). We feel we will also gain very valuable experience of living (unsupported) in remote Arctic conditions (we will be spending 5 weeks living in tents in the field). On our return we plan to produce a definitive guide to what has been climbed in the expedition area (including maps, photographs and GPS waypoints), as well as detailed topographic guides (including grades) to all routes climbed on the expedition. £1,500