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Grants awarded: 2005

Grants awarded: 2005

The following grants were awarded in February 2005:

  Expedition Description Award


Polecats Polar Challenge 2005

To be the first all-female team to complete the Polar challenge, an annual race from Polaris Mine near Cornwallis Island to Isachsen Mine on the coast of Ellef Ringnes Island.



South Georgia 2005

The team intends to sail from Ushuaia to the island of South Georgia, with the following aims:

1) establish a new route and the first complete traverse of SG's highest peak

2) attempt technical FAs on the numerous granite spires and other inaccessible mountains which lie with the Salveson Range and other unclimbed peaks.



Greenland Icecap Crossing 2005

For a team of six people to achieve a successful summer cross of Greenland along the normal traverse route from Ammassalik to Kangerdlugssaq



Greenland by the Polar Sea 2005

To gain experience of travel with Inuit, and to extend experience of unsupported travel with pulks on the ice-cap: also to observe and note any obvious environmental changes since the days of Malaurie and Rasmussen



KMC v Tornarssuk Expedition

Exploration and establishing new rock and mountaineering routes of all grades on Tornarssuk Island.



Greenland East Coast Kayak Expedition

To travel by sea kayak from Scoresby Sound down the east coast of Greenland to Ammassalik

£1,500 + £300 Arctic Club Award


South Pole Expedition 2005

To complete an unsupported, record breaking expedition to the South Pole in less than 50 days.



John Rymill Memorial Antarctic Kayak Expedition

Paddle by sea kayak approximately 1,000km from Hope Bay to Rymill Bay to celebrate and raise awareness of the achievements of John Rymill, Australia explorer.


A & J Simpson Expedition 2005


Project Rangifer: A study into the impact of the Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project on Reindeer

To assess the impact of the Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project on Reindeer of Northeast Iceland by studying the avoidance response of calving female reindeer to the Hálslón reservoir.

£1,000 Edward Wilson Fund


Cambridge University Mountaineering Club Centenary Expedition - Kangerdlugssaq

To accomplish new routes on unclimbed peaks in the Kangerdlugssaq mountains of Eastern Greenland, to coincide with the centenary celebrations of the CUMC.



University of Sheffield Svalbard Research Expedition 2005

To characterise internal water storage in polythermal, High-Arctic glaciers by using seasonal water budgets, dye tracing and geophysical methods.