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Grants awarded: 2004

Grants awarded: 2004

The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, under the joint trusteeship of the University of Cambridge and the Royal Geographical Society, gives grants towards expeditions that meets its objectives of guiding and inspiring enterprising people towards scientific research and exploration in the polar regions.

The Committee of Managers of the Fund would like to thank the Augustine Courtauld Trust for their generous contribution of £7000. The members of the Committee who served during the year were Mr D Fordham, (Chairman), Dr I Campbell, Mr R Crabtree, Dr L Craig, Professor J Dowdeswell, Dr P F Friend, Dr J Heap, Professor M Lea, Mr J Lowther, Mr J Muston, Professor R C Schroter, Dr B Stonehouse and Mr N Winser.

The Committee met on the 28 February 2004, and made the following awards:

Expedition Description Award

Greenland Challenge 2004/2005

To sail across the Atlantic, & then to make the first ascent of a number of unclimbed peaks in two or three different areas on the west coast of Greenland. To sail to the two most northerly Inuit settlements, & into Smith Sound & as far north as possible in a GRP boat, & to Etah of exploratory fame. To visit Grisefjord (Ellesmere Island), Devon Island, & possibly Pond Inlet for a reconnaissance of a big unclimbed wall. To winter in the boat in the Upernavik area, ready for a climbing group to fly out to make first winter ascents in the area in March 2005 (never been done before), & another in May/June to put up another new big wall route on Sandersons Hope, & further development the climbing potential of this area


(including £200 Ann & Jim Simpson Award)

West Lancashire Scouts East Greenland Expedition 2004

1.To offer development opportunities to approximately 20 young people from West Lancs. County Scouts.

2. To Experience & explore the Arctic Wilderness

3. To climb remote mountains - some previously unclimbed

4. To undertake scientific research & exploration

5. To Promote the adventurous nature of scouting.


Greenland Kayak Expedition - Return of the Kayak 2004

To Continue the work we started in 2000 & 2002 by providing further training for youth in area. Help further establish the Tasiilaq Kayak club & rekindle traditional values of kayaking where there is a cultural struggle & loss of identity. Undertake a kayak journey with local paddlers.


Imperial College Trans -Greenland 2004 Expedition

The (hierarchical) aims of the Imperial College Trans-Greenland 2004 expedition are to:

1. Complete a self-supported expedition, crossing the Greenland ice cap from Tasiilaq (east coast) to Kangerlussuaq on the west coast.

2. To return home safely, having enjoyed the challenges encountered along the 60kn journey.

The expedition research aims are:

3. To make a series of scientific measurements pertaining to the meteorological & hydrological conditions encountered en route.

4. To make a series of scientific measurements pertaining to the physiological condition of the team members throughout the expedition


(including £200 Arctic Club Award)

Greenland White Sea Expedition 2004

To sail Greenland by yacht & climb unclimbed mountains on the north coast of the Kangerdlugssuaq fjord


Iceland Expedition 2004

The erosional features & effects of jökulhlaups will be investigated at Sólheimajokull. At Heinabergsjökull the glacial dammed lakes will be examined the final object of the expedition will be examine coastal erosion at skeiðararsandur


The British 2004 Torssukatak Fjord Expedition

To make the first ascent ever of 'The Baron', a 1340m Tower of Granite on the eastern shore of the Fjord by several new long rock climbs.

To explore possible future objectives in the area.


Going For Cold: Greenland 2004

To complete on unsupported crossing of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

To gain experience of unsupported polar travel, with the aim to more onto larger polar expeditions.

To promote knowledge of the polar regions & motivate future young explorers