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Grants awarded: 2002

Grants awarded: 2002

The following grants were awarded:

Expedition Description Amount

Hornsund Little Auk Expedition 2002

  1. In the context of polar adaptations, examine poorly known aspects of Little Auk breeding biology and behaviour;
  2. Mapping distribution and approximate density of Little Auk colonies in Hornsund area;
  3. Continue ongoing study of Little Auk feeding and Biology in relation to oceanographic conditions and climate change.


Watkins Mountains to Kuummiut, East Greenland 2002

Complete a ski journey from Watkins Mountains to Kuummiut (approx. 500 miles) with exploratory mountaineering and first ascents on the outlying peaks between 67 and 68 degrees north.


Greenland East Coast Kayak Expedition

  1. Continue the exploration of area started in 2000 when we visited 1930-31 base camp.
  2. Provide further training for youth of the area.
  3. Undertake a kayak journey with a selection of local youngsters.
  4. Visit the grave site of Gino Watkins and lay a tribute on behalf of family.


Lemon Mountains Expedition 2002

  1. 1st ascent of the 800m North Spur of Mitivangkat East
  2. Exploration and 1st ascents in the Courtauld glacier region (completely unexplored)
  3. Other major unclimbed lines on the north and west side of Cathedral and Minster


University of Glasgow, Tungnafellsjökull

  1. Assessment of plateau icefield geomorphology
  2. Test and modify existing landsystem model for plateau icefields.
  3. Provide first accurate map of Tungnafellsjökull.


University of Sheffield Svalbard expedition 2002

To construct nutrient budgets for glacier Midre-Lovenbreen using naturally occurring isotopes, thereby enabling sources and sinks of productivity limiting nutrients to be identified within the glacial system.

To demonstrate high Arctic glaciers to be dynamic biological systems, rather than biologically inert cryospheric entities so widely perceived in much of the research literature to date.


Cambridge Greenland Glaciology Expedition 2002

The programme of field research has two main aims:

To study the flow of ice at a glacier confluence using classical techniques, and to map the geology of the area. The research will be followed by attempts at four first ascents and a 200 km ski trek.


St Andrews University Postgrad. Expedition - Iceland 2002

  1. To determine the rates, mechanisms and controls on iceberg production (calving) in the ice marginal lakes.
  2. To examine the effect of glacier ice on shore- line processes


East Greenland Icecap & Northwest Watkins Mountains 2002

Overall objective is to complete the first crossing from Northern Knud Rasmussen Land to the Watkins Mountains