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OSTROVA DE-LONGA ('De Long Islands')

Compiled by R. K. Headland

Five small isolated Arctic Ocean islands in the East Siberian Sea, part of the Novosibiriskiye Ostrova ('New Siberian Islands'). They are situated to the north-east of Ostrov Anzhu (main part of the archipelago), the closest is approximately 60 km and farthest 200 km distant.

Ostrov Zhanetta ('Jeanette') 76·83°N : 158·08°E [85·37°N : 175·64°E]
Discovered 16 May 1881 by William Dunbar aboard Jeanette.
Area 0·2 km2, elevation about 250 m, 30% glacierized.
Ostrov Genriyetta ('Henrietta') 77·08°N : 156·50°E [85·64°N : 173·89°E]
Discovered 20 May 1881 by Thomas Washington De Long aboard Jeanette. Polar Station established 1937, closed 1963.
Area 7 km2, elevation 340 m, 40% glacierized.
Ostrov Bennett 76·67°N : 149·08°E [85·19°N : 165·64°E]
Discovered 15 July 1881 by Aneguin aboard Jeanette.
Area 75 km2, elevation 448 m, 60% glacierized.
Ostrov Vil'kitskogo [formerly Ostrov General Vil'kitskogo] 75·73°N : 155·55°E [84·14°N : 172·83°E]
Discovered 20 August 1913 by Aleksey Nikolayevich Zhokhov aboard Taymyr.
Area about 2 km2, elevation about 70 m, unglacierized.
Ostrov Zhokhova [formerly Ostrov Novopashennogo] 76·17°N : 152·83°E [84·63°N : 169·81°E]
Discovered 27 August 1914 by Per Alekseyevich Novopashennyy aboard Vaygach.
Polar Station established 1955.
Area about 40 km2, elevation about 120 m, unglacierized.
Compiled by R. K. Headland, 2 April, 1994