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Circumpolar History and Public Policy (CHiPP) research seminars - Scott Polar Research Institute

These are seminars for the Circumpolar History and Public Policy group.

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# Wednesday 15th October 2014, 4.30pm - Niels Einarsson, Stefansson Institute, Iceland
Fishing rights and financial capitalism in the Arctic: From common property to private ownership assets
Venue: Scott Polar Research Institute, Seminar Room

The topic of fishing and access rights to marine resources is
extremely important to coastal communities in the Arctic, as they are
in the rest of the world for fishing societies, be in Ghana or
Galicia. One of the major changes taking place, one could call it a
social and historical transformation, is the privatisation of formerly
common property resources, linking local livelihoods and community
vibility to economic and financial processes of national and global
markets and financial capitalism. Very little has been written about
the social, indigenous and other Arctic residents’ human rights, and
economic and political implications of this recent shift in governance
paradigm. This talk reports on ongoing anthropological and
interdisciplinary research and deals with some of the aspects of this
very rapid social change which is also coupled to processes of climate
change and prospects of transarctic shipping and development of
industrial megaprojects. The focus is on Iceland, Greenland and Norway
but with data from other Arctic societies and fisheries.

# Wednesday 22nd October 2014, 2.30pm - Professor David Turnbull, Melbourne University
Indigenous Sovereignty beyond Nations (provisional title)
Venue: Scott Polar Research Institute, Seminar Room

This will take the form of a postgraduate reading group session led by Professor David Turnbull (Melbourne University). Further details to follow.