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Inland thinning of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica

A.Shepherd, D.J. Wingham, J.A.D. Mansley, H.F.J. Corr,
Science, February 2nd, 2001

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The Pine Island Glacier The Pine Island Glacier
Pine Island Glacier 3D movie 3D movie
Antarctic ice-streams Antarctic ice-streams

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Figure 1 Figure 1. Map of West Antarctica.
Figure 2 Figure 2. The change in surface elevation at the grounding line of Pine Island Glacier between 1992 and 1999.
Figure 3 Figure 3. The rate of elevation change of the lower 200 km of the Pine Island Glacier between 1992 and 1999 (colored dots) registered with a map of the ice surface speed (gray scale).
Figure 4 Figure 4. (A) Bedrock and surface elevation along Pine Island Glacier (PIG) from airborne ice penetrating radar.(B) Rate of elevation change (1992 - 1999) measured along the same transect.