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Histories, Cultures, Environments and Politics (HCEP)

Histories, Cultures, Environments and Politics (HCEP)

Research on Histories, Cultures, Environments and Politics (HCEP) includes areas such as:

  • Cosmologies and knowledge systems
  • Models of polar governance and geopolitics
  • Cryopolitics: the social and ecological dynamics of the global cryosphere.
  • Temporality and spatiality: constructions of region and territory in the polar regions
  • Inuit historiography, orality, traditional knowledge.
  • Visual narratives and the circulation of knowledge
  • Scientific practice and knowledge production.

Research projects

These are as linked from the biography pages below. In due course a listing will be shown on this page directly.

Staff and students

The following scientists at the Scott Polar Research Institute are involved in this area of research:

Academic staff
Research staff
  • Dr Corine Wood-Donnelly
Institute Associates and Emeritus Fellows
  • Dr Florian Stammler
  • Dr John Tichotsky: Regional economic development in Siberia, Alaska, Mongolia and China
  • Dr Piers Vitebsky
Research students

Previous workshops