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Dr Gareth Rees M.A., Ph.D.

University Senior Lecturer with duties at the Scott Polar Research Institute and Fellow of Christ's College

Physicist with research interests predominantly in the development and application of spaceborne remote sensing techniques to monitoring the dynamics of Arctic glaciated and vegetated terrain.





Major Research Interests

Remote sensing of glaciers

Development of new spaceborne and airborne techniques for mapping surface properties of glaciers

Dynamics of snow cover

Including the development of new monitoring techniques and the analysis of regional and circumpolar datasets

Impact of industrial pollution on high-latitude vegetation

Long-term collaborative programme, with the Geography Faculty of Moscow State University, to develop and apply spaceborne monitoring techniques to tundra and forest change in the Russian Arctic and elsewhere as a consequence of airborne industrial pollutants.

Impact of reindeer grazing on tundra vegetation

Part of an international programme to study impacts of climate and local factors on high-latitude vegetation.

PPS Arctic / Tundra-Taiga Initiative

International programmes under the auspices of the International Polar Year and the International Arctic Science Committee to study the current status and climatological sensitivity of the tundra-taiga ecotone. More information is here.

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Books in press and in preparation

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External activities