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Professor Elizabeth M. Morris, OBE, BSc, PhD

Glaciologist, working on the mass balance of polar ice sheets and their response to climate change using field observations, remote sensing techniques and modelling.


Liz Morris graduated from the University of Bristol in 1967 and remained at the Bristol Physics Department to study for a PhD. Her research interests include (i) basal processes of alpine glaciers (ii) development of physics-based models for hydrological and hydrochemical processes especially those involving snow and ice and (iii) the mass balance and dynamics of polar ice sheets. She has worked in the European Alps, Canadian Rockies, Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Svalbard and Antarctica.

Liz was appointed OBE in the Millennium Honours List for services to Polar Science and was awarded the Polar Medal in 2003. In 2012 she gave the Nye Lecture at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. She is a member of Wolfson College.




Major research interests

  1. Mass balance and dynamics of polar ice sheets. Continuing program of field and numerical modelling work in the Arctic and Antarctic
  2. Development of neutron scattering method of for snow density profiling
  3. Snow modelling

Current research grants

Validation and provision of CryoSat measurements of fluctuations in the Earth's land and marine ice fluxes

PI: D J Wingham
Funding. Natural Environment Research Council NER/0/S/2003/

iSTAR-D: The contribution to sea-level rise from the Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctica

PI: A Shepherd
Funding. Natural Environment Research Council NE/J005797/1


Selected publications

External activities