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Sea monster Ziphius eating a seal (courtesy

Sea Monsters to Sonar: Charting the Polar Oceans

Wednesday 5 March - Saturday 31 May 2014

This exhibition traces the development and use of maps of the Polar oceans and coastlines. Hydrography, the mapping of the seafloor and coast, has been an essential aspect of humanity's engagement with these hostile and frequently contested regions during times of exploration, speculation, science and the pursuit of economic resources. Maps are crucial tools for survival. For this exhibition the gallery space will be transformed into a trail of discovery revealing imagined and established trade routes, and journeys made for scientific discovery. Objects of significant interest on display include replica Greenlandic driftwood maps, a life-size submarine control room, hand drawn charts produced at the cost of many lives, electronic charts in the modern era and an original 16th century atlas depicting fictional Arctic islands.
Portrait of Cherry Garrard by Herbert Ponting (SPRI P2005/5/814)

The Cherry-Garrard letters

8 January - 17 May 2014

This collection of letters by Apsley Cherry-Garrard is on temporary loan to The Polar Museum. Written
to his mother during the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910–13, the letters cover the voyage south, life in
the Antarctic, the tragic end of the Polar Party and the expedition's return to New Zealand. Read more ...

This collection has been lent by The Richard C Dehmel Trust.

Plaster Maquette by Kathleen Scott (SPRI Museum Y: 2013/6)

Plaster Maquette by Kathleen Scott

From 8 January

The Polar Museum is delighted to display Kathleen Scott's original plaster maquette of the statue of her husband, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, which was recently allocated to the Scott Polar Research Institute under HM Government's scheme of Acceptance in Lieu of Inheritance Tax.